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  • W. Zhu, Q. Du, and J. E. Fowler, “Hyperspectral Image Compression Using Segmented Principal Component Analysis,” in Satellite Data Compression, B. Huang, Ed., Springer, 2011, ch. 11, pp. 233-252.
  • J. E. Fowler and Q. Du, “Reconstructions from Compressive Random Projections of Hyperspectral Imagery,” in Optical Remote Sensing: Advances in Signal Processing and Exploitation Techniques, S. Prasad, L. M. Bruce, and J. Chanussot, Eds. Springer, 2011, ch. 3, pp. 31-48.
  • J. E. Fowler and J. T. Rucker, “3D Wavelet-Based Compression of Hyperspectral Imagery,” in Hyperspectral Data Exploitation: Theory and Applications, C.-I. Chang, Ed., chapter 14, pp. 379-407, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ, 2007.
  • R. Machiraju, J. E. Fowler, D. Thompson, B. Soni, and W. Schroeder, “EVITA - Efficient Visualization and Interrogation of Tera-Scale Data,” in Data Mining for Scientific and Engineering Applications, R. L. Grossman, C. Kamath, P. Kegelmeyer, V. Kumar, and R. R. Namburu, Eds., chapter 15, pp. 257-279, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Norwell, MA, 2001.

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